Battle of the Ascended!

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Well I was invited to the Beta 5 event and also was graced with a 25 use Beta key giving me access to ALL remaining Beta events. I used one myself and a co-worker has used one so that leaves 23 uses! So if you’d like a free Beta key into RIFT leave a comment saying so with your email address and the reason you think you should get one! I doubt I’ll have more than 23 people ask but if I do the 23 best answers will win. They can be funny, short, long, or whatever random thing you think of! Hope to see these keys go to good use!


Rift Warfront Day 2

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Today when I logged on to Rift I decided now that I have a feel for the game I was gonna roll another character. This time I rolled a Guardian-High Elf- Mage [Faction-Race-Calling]. I saw the starting area from the Defiant side so I wanted to see how the Guardians were set up. The strife between the Guardians and the Defiant is believable and seems to play a good part in the story and so far I have enjoyed the situations set up for both. I decided to play a mage this go around because I really enjoy caster classes and well I wanna see the graphics on spells damn it! For my build I picked the souls of Warlock/Necromancer/Chloromancer which gives me two classes dealing with death magic and one with life. I love the combo because I have an undead minion to help keep attention off me, a bunch of damage of time effect, and some hard hitters. I am able to use death magic and life magic to heal myself and my party. While the healing to my party is so far only a small bit I can keep myself and my summon pretty topped up when in a fight.

By far my favorite thing about this game are the Rifts. At anytime a rip could form and if given a bit of time a rift will open and elementals from one of the six planes will start trying to establish a foothold at that sight. If not taken care of they will start sending out forces to take out nearby towns and areas. Each Rift is run as a different event and thus have different steps in closing them. Everyone who participates receives notoriety (Rep) and item rewards based on how much they helped.

I just started diving into the professions before I logged off so I will have a bit more on that when I can but as for now? I need to log back on! This game is awesome!

My first impressions: RIFT

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So I started playing RIFT today and I’ve got to say it is A LOT of fun! The soul system is really cool but it does get a little much to handle if you try to use ALL of your skills. I’m playing a Rogue with the three souls of Assassin, Marksmen, and Saboteur. It’s nice because I can set all kinds of traps Via Saboteur, pull them in with powerful long range marksmen skills and if they survive finish them off with the melee power of the assassin. It’s so much fun and let me just tell you the graphics are amazing. Like most MMOs set up this way you can see WoW’s influence but to be fair when WoW got so many things right it’s hard not to do the same. I will tell you there are quiet a few things they are doing that I’ve never seen and love. I hope sometime soon I can post with more details and not just generalized talk.

If you can get in to the Beta do so!

Magic The Gathering Chaos List

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I’m a huge Magic The Gathering fan and love playing all different kinds of matches; Five-Player Star, Two-Headed Giant, Emperor, and my personal favorite, Chaos. I’ve noticed that it is near impossible to find a good short chaos list on the net. I’ve only ever found one decent one and that was nearly 5 pages long with many subtables and such. Much to complicated for a good game of Chaos. So me and my friends decided to work out our own and tweak it till it’s playable. After many, many games here you have it! I hope this help all you MTG players out there. We also made a game type called Raid but we are still polishing out the rules.

1-5    Each opponent chooses a permanent you control, you must sacrifice one of them
6-10   Choose two target creatures, you may tap them if they are untapped, they do not untap on their controller’s next untap step.
11-15  deal 3 damage to target creature or player (Lightening bolt)
16-20  Target opponent may make a token copy of a permanent you control.
21-25  Mill the top 3 cards of your library
26-30  Creatures you control gain trample till end of turn.
31-35  If you have a creature in play you must sacrifice a creature
36-40  Each player shuffles their hand and graveyard into their library and draws 5 cards.
41-45  Target player can not play instants this turn
46-50  Each player may play a creature card without paying it’s mana cost (counts as if played from have Via mana)
51-55  you control target permanent till end of turn, if it is tapped you may untap it, if it is a creature all attached equipment and enchants come with (and returned at end of turn).
56-60  Tap up to 3 target permanents
61-65  draw a card
66-70  you may return any one card from your exile or graveyard to your hand.
71-75  skip your untap step
76-80  discard 2 cards at random from your hand (Shuffle your hand and let your opponent(s) pick)
81-85  target player mills 5 cards
86-90  look at target player’s hand, you may discard a card from it.
91-95  gain 5 health
96-100 Roll a D6 on the sub table:


1 You may play any one card from your hand, graveyard, or exile as if from your hand
2 Choose an effect from the main list.
3 Creatures you control have vigilance till end of turn
4 Target card is exiled from the game, if it is a creature it’s controller takes damage equal to it’s toughness.
5 target player discards their hand and mills 8 (We call this one Mindwipe)
6 you gain control of target permanent, you may have it gain haste till end of turn.


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I was just accepted into a beta event for the MMO Rift. While I’m not allowed to give away details until release I will be talking about my experience in a way that will not get me in booted from the beta. I will also be logging more in depth posts for publishing as soon as it is allowed.

I’m really excited about this MMO it looks really bad ass and if it delivers on it’s promises it’ll be polished at launch! No mile long list of major glitches and no extensive downtime just as you get into the game.

Now the first Beta I can play in (Event #4 Battlefront) starts today at 10am PST, sadly I’ll be at work but I can’t wait to get home and check this thing out!

The cinematic graphics are amazing, but I have yet to see in game graphics. From the loading screen tooltips I’ve seen has hints about some really cool features I can’t wait to see.

I’ll be back probably tomorrow morning with a quick update, while you wait why not check out the website yourself and see if you can snag a Beta invite too!


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Drizzt has finally found a place to call home on the surface but it has not been easy for him. After fleeing from a small town in which he is believed to have killed a family Drizzt searches for a place to call home, a place where he’ll be accepted for who he is and not shunned for what he is. He first sets out to avenge the murder of the family then has to flee from the party investigating the murder. He is taken in by a blind ranger and learns much about the surface world and the path of a ranger. He soon finds he is still hunted by a bounty hunter who has his own vendetta with the drow.

This was a strong close to the Dark Elf Trilogy by R A Salvatore and I look forward to reading the next book in the Legend of Drizzt series: The Crystal Shard (Icewind Dale book 1)

The Ruins of Gorlan

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The Ruins of Gorlan is the first in a series for young adults written by John Flanagan. The hardcovers have been catching my eye for a while now but I never ended up picking one up because they were in the kiddy section of Barnes & Noble but a little while back I picked up an old favorite from the same section and really enjoyed so I figured I’d give this book a try and I’m glad I did!
The Ruins of Gorlan follows Will an orphan in Castle Redmont. On Choosing Day they are given a chance to apprentice to a craftmaster. Hoping to become a warrior apprentice but isn’t accepted he thinks he’ll be sent to help in the farms, a dull and boring life but ends up becoming a ranger apprentice. To say more would spoil some of the plot and I wouldn’t want to do that. The book was a bit short for my taste but it uses it’s time well and keeps you turning the pages. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy novel.