Rift Warfront Day 2

Today when I logged on to Rift I decided now that I have a feel for the game I was gonna roll another character. This time I rolled a Guardian-High Elf- Mage [Faction-Race-Calling]. I saw the starting area from the Defiant side so I wanted to see how the Guardians were set up. The strife between the Guardians and the Defiant is believable and seems to play a good part in the story and so far I have enjoyed the situations set up for both. I decided to play a mage this go around because I really enjoy caster classes and well I wanna see the graphics on spells damn it! For my build I picked the souls of Warlock/Necromancer/Chloromancer which gives me two classes dealing with death magic and one with life. I love the combo because I have an undead minion to help keep attention off me, a bunch of damage of time effect, and some hard hitters. I am able to use death magic and life magic to heal myself and my party. While the healing to my party is so far only a small bit I can keep myself and my summon pretty topped up when in a fight.

By far my favorite thing about this game are the Rifts. At anytime a rip could form and if given a bit of time a rift will open and elementals from one of the six planes will start trying to establish a foothold at that sight. If not taken care of they will start sending out forces to take out nearby towns and areas. Each Rift is run as a different event and thus have different steps in closing them. Everyone who participates receives notoriety (Rep) and item rewards based on how much they helped.

I just started diving into the professions before I logged off so I will have a bit more on that when I can but as for now? I need to log back on! This game is awesome!


~ by worland102688 on January 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “Rift Warfront Day 2”

  1. Very useful article.

    • Thank you ^_^ I hope to set into more Beta events soon so I can tell you guys all about it. Thanks for the comment!

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